Soft Decoration Cast Film Extrusion Machine 3D Film Embossing 5 - 15m/Min Speed

3D film embossing production line soft decoration film making machine



Product use: mainly used in the field of soft decoration, 3D film


Cast film extrusion machine is used to convert poly resins into film products for hygiene, medical and packaging application. Raw materials are LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and EVA, and embossing patterns are optional and subject to customer's request. The production line is made up of optimized extruder, high-performance T die, and various features to best meet your needs.


For the film-spraying machine for roll paper and flat cloth, GS-mach uses the lastest production technology combined with the best production process, thanks to its integrated design, which enables it to maintain high output while having the most economical production costs, in order to meet the different complex requirement.

Characteristics: The equipment roller adopts 3D engraving printing, and the products that come out have physical effects, and the style can be customized according to various textures.Equipped with online trimming device, the winding adopts the constant tension control of the gap winding mode, and the production acceleration and deceleration speed can be synchronously controlled, and the speed can reach 10mmin_30mmin.


Process principle: put plastic pellets into the extruder for melt plasticization→rapid filter→metering pump→coating mold→forming table→air cooling device → traction device → winding device


Machine models

Equipment model 1200/1600/2000
Product width (mm) 1000/1400/1800
Product thickness (mm) 0.1—1.5mm
Maximum line speed m/min 5-15m





Soft Decoration Cast Film Extrusion Machine 3D Film Embossing 5 - 15m/Min Speed



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